Know issues & fixes

This section is constantly updated with official fixes provided by the Team for specific issues raised by users in our official support channels.

These fixes are only compatible with the latest version of RetroBat, it might brake old versions.

Clean es_input file

If your controller settings become messed-up and you need a clean start, here is a es_input.cfg file that you can copy in your retrobat\emulationstation\.emulationstation folder.

It contains only standard keyboard settings, you will have to perform again your controller configuration.

PSP black screen when loading content with lr-ppsspp

The Libretro-ppsspp core for PSP is not compatible with the rewind functionality, disable "REWIND" and it should function properly.

Other miscellaneous fixes

For all the issues below, download the file at the end of this page and unzip the full content in the emulationstation\ folder of your RetroBat installation.

  • OpenBOR path error on exit

  • Chihiro missing features (with Chihiro emulator)

  • Incorrect MAME64 controller order

  • New XBOX controllers (or ones with new firmware) not working correctly (specifically in Ryujinx or Cemu)

  • Non-working Future Pinball features

  • FBNEO error message

  • Ares : controls & shaders not working with v137

  • Citra controllers not working with autoconfiguration

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