Any Gamepad that can be detected by Windows should work in Retrobat.

Wired Gamepads are plug'n'play, once the Gamepad is connected you should be able to configure it in Retrobat.

Bluetooth Gamepads must be paired with your system in Windows Bluetooth settings.

You can test you Gamepad HERE to check if it is detected in Windows

8bitdo controllers

8bitdo Bluetooth controllers have been reported to work perfectly with Retrobat.

8bitdo Controllers can be set-up in 2 modes : XINPUT or sdl, we recommend using the XINPUT mode for better compability with Windows.

To turn on the XINPUT mode, the controller must be started with START + X before being paired to the computer. (START+ Y will enable sdl mode)

XINPUT does not support motion control. If you need to use your controller in games requiring motion, it is better to use sdl (switch) mode.

When using a wired 8bitdo controller, the switch between XInput and sdl is done by maintaining X or Y button while plugging the USB cable (instead of pressing START)

XBox controllers (or any XInput controller)

For wired Xbox controllers, the connection to windows and setup in Retrobat will be plug'n'play.

Wireless controllers will also work seamlessly in Retrobat when properly connected to Windows.

All controllers introduced before the Xbox One S (Xbox 360, Xbox One controllers) will require a specific RF dongle to be paired to your computer, as they are not natively Bluetooth compatible.

Nintendo Switch Pro controller

The Switch Pro controller will be ideal for use in CEMU (WiiU emulator) or Yuzu (Switch emulator) as it is natively compatible with these emulators and it will support motion control for games that require motion.

Some emulators are reported to not record correctly the inputs with this controller when RetroBat interface is running.

Playstation 5 controller (DualSense)

DualSense controllers supports motion and is reported to work natively with Retrobat.

Playstation 4 controller (DualShock 4)

DS4 controllers supports motion and is reported to work natively with Retrobat.

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