Running a game

Let's play !

Choosing a Game and starting it

In order to run a game, when in the Game View press the
Highlight the game and press "SOUTH" button
A splash screen appears and the Emulator starts the game.
Splash screen
Game in emulator
Once you have finished your gaming session, you can press HOTKEY + START to close the emulator and return to the Game View.

Choosing the Emulator

Usually, Retrobat defaults to the best / more stable emulator for each system. However, if the default emulator does not work for you, you can change the Emulator for a whole system or for a specific game.
The full list of available emulators per system can be found in the Supported Game Systems section of the wiki.

Changing emulator for the System

From the Game View press SELECT and go to ADVANCED SYSTEM OPTIONS.
Select the Emulator in the list.

Changing emulator for a game

From the Game View, highlight a game and long-press
Select the Emulator from the list.
AUTO corresponds to the Emulator selected in the system settings if specified for the system or to the first Emulator from the list if the System is also set to AUTO.
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