RetroArch controller mapping

If the configuration of the buttons does not suit you for a game or a system managed by Retroarch (libretro cores), it is possible to create a specific mapping for a game.

Here is how to proceed.

Open RetroBat and launch the game for which you require a specific remapping.

In the QUICK MENU list, you will find " Controls "

From there, proceed with the required remapping:

In this example, i have mapped the RetroPad left analog up input to the key defined for A in RetroBat (which is W on my keyboard):

Note that you can only remap the keys that have been passed by RetroBat to retroArch based on your controller.

Should you need to add new keys that were not configured in RetroBat, you would need to also change the mapping in the general settings of RetroArch.

(click here to find this option)

Once the mapping is performed, exit and go back to the CONTROLS menu, then select the "Manage Remap Files" option:

In the next submenu, save the remap file for the game (it will apply to this game only)

Once saved, the new remap will now be used next time you run the game.

You cannot use the option to "save for core", as this would automatically be erased by RetroBat upon next launch.

Additional information

Location of the the remap file

Remap files are stored in the following folder of your RetroBat installation:

\emulators\retroarch\config\remaps\<core shortname>\

As you can see in this example: the value for "input_player1_stk_l_y-" is the value 8 (which corresponds to the change i have done above).

RetroArch mapping principle

Information on how RetroArch manages controls can be found here:

RetroArch has a 2-step approach with controllers mapping:

  • Step 1: mapping of your physical gamepad with RetroArch "RetroPad"

  • Step 2: mapping of the Retropad with the original console or computer game controller

The guide in this page only treats about the second step, as it is assumed that RetroBat is passing all your physical gamepad buttons to RetroArch (this should always be the case if you have correctly configured your controller in RetroBat).

The mapping done in Step 1 can be found in the following section of RetroArch configuration:

Changing the Step 1 mapping is not recommended, moreover the mapping would automatically be overwritten by RetroBat upon next launch of RetroArch.

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