Turn you Wiimote into a Mouse and use it with Lightgun games.

Website: https://github.com/fabricecaruso/WiimoteGun

WiimoteGun is a software that can be set to run automatically at Retrobat startup in the retrobat.ini file.

WiimoteGun is a tool designed to use your wiimote as a mouse. Which will then enable using it as a gun with Retrobat.

You can calibrate the Wiimote with a long-press on the 'Home' button of the controller.

When the program runs, the WiimoteGun program icon appears in the taskbar:

The icon is greyed out when no Wiimote is detected and green when a Wiimote is detected.

WiimoteGun options

Right-click on the Taskbar icon and select "options".

WiimoteGun will only be active when the DolphinBar is in mode 4

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