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Pinball Simulation Software - Released 2016



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RetroBat keyKeyboardZaccaria Pinball Action



D-PAD Left Analog Stick



Nudge Left


Nudge Right


Nudge Up

L1 / L2


Left Flipper

R1 / R2


Right Flipper


In-Game UI Size


Score Panel Position


Camera Change

1 - 7

Camera positions

System Features


Create an empty .txt file and name is with the table name:

Save the file with the .table extension in the 📂roms\📂zaccariapinball folder of your RetroBat installation.

The naming of the table is "case-sensitive", the file must have the EXACT name expected by the emulator, else the table will not launch directly.

Hereunder is the list of the names to use:

Table names

Aerobatics Aerobatics Retro Aliens Beast Master Blackbelt Blackbelt 2018 Blackbelt Retro Caveman Cine Star Cine Star Deluxe Circus Circus 2017 Circus Retro Clown Clown 2019 Clown Retro Combat Combat 2017 Combat Deluxe Combat Retro Devil Riders Devil Riders 2019 Devil Riders Retro Earth Wind Fire Earth Wind Fire 2017 Earth Wind Fire Retro Farfalla Farfalla 2017 Farfalla Deluxe Farfalla Retro Fire Mountain Fire Mountain 2019 Fire Mountain Retro Firefighter Future World Future World 2018 Granada Hippie Hot Wheels Hot Wheels 2017 Hot Wheels Retro House of Diamonds House of Diamonds 2017 House of Diamonds Deluxe House of Diamonds Retro Locomotion Locomotion 2018 Locomotion Retro Lucky Fruit Magic Castle Magic Castle 2017 Magic Castle Retro Mexico '86 Mexico '86 Retro Moon Flight Mystic Star Mystic Star Retro Nautilus Nautilus 2018 Nautilus Retro Pinball Champ Pinball Champ '82 Pinball Champ 2018 Pinball Champ Retro Pool Champion Pool Champion 2018 Pool Champion Deluxe POSTAL Redux SS POSTAL Redux Deluxe POSTAL Redux Remake POSTAL Redux Retro POSTAL 2 SS POSTAL 2 Deluxe POSTAL 2 Remake POSTAL 2 Retro Red Show Red Show Deluxe Robot Robot 2018 Robot Deluxe Robot Retro Shooting The Rapids Shooting The Rapids 2016 Shooting The Rapids Retro Soccer Kings Soccer Kings Retro Space Shuttle Space Shuttle 2016 Space Shuttle Deluxe Space Shuttle Retro Speed King Spooky Spooky 2017 Spooky Deluxe Spooky Retro Star God Star God 2019 Star God Retro Star's Phoenix Star's Phoenix 2018 Strike Strike Deluxe Supersonic Supersonic Retro The Mummy Time Machine Time Machine 2019 Time Machine Retro Top Hand Tropical Tropical 2019 Universe Universe Deluxe Universe Retro Voyager Winter Sports Winter Sports 2018 Wizard Wood's Queen Wood's Queen 2019 Zankor Zankor Deluxe Zankor 2017 Zankor Retro Zombie Zombie Invasion

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