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HBMAME (HomeBrew MAME) is a derivative of MAME 0.245, and contains various hacks and homebrews.



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  • Libretro: mame

File folder

File extension

.zip .7z

Bios Information

Refer to the MAME page, HBMAME requires the same bioses as MAME.


Refer to the MAME page.

Specific system information

Adding HBMame games to RetroBat

Most Romsets for HBMame come in a "merged" presentation, meaning that the rom will contain the main game and the hack inside of the same zip file.

In order for RetroBat to see the Hack version, the rom will have to be "un-merged", here is an example for the "Arrange Ver. 1.1" hack for DoDonPachi:

Step 1: checking the rom

Check that the rom you have is correct, this can be achieved by downloading the official HBMameUI software here, placing the rom in the rom folder of the downloaded HBMame and auditing the set.

Step 2: un-merging the rom

Place your rom in the \roms\hbmame folder of your RetroBat installation.

Open the rom archive and extract the hack you want to launch from RetroBat.

Here for example we will extract ddonpacha from the archive:

Now, go inside the extracted ddonpacha folder and zip the content, the zip name must be ddonpacha.zip (the official hack name):

The content of the zip should look as follows:

When zipping, ensure there is no ddonpacha subdirectory before the rom files !

Step 3: run the game

Now both roms will appear in RetroBat : the main one and the hack

And you will be able to run the hack rom with the emulators / cores provided in RetroBat:

ROM set versions

Current ROM set : 0.245

CHD or IMG files

Refer to the Arcade Guide section about CHD.

Sample files

Refer to the Arcade Guide "sample file" section.

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