Installation & First Startup

Get started !


  • Download the latest Retrobat Setup on the Retrobat Website.

  • Run the Setup and agree the Licence to continue.

  • Browse to the destination folder and select Install.

Attention: an installation folder that is too long (or with too many subfolders) can cause issues with some emulators like libretro:mame.

Also : do not use a folder with special characters (accents, ...).

Finally : avoid folder names which include spaces.

  • tick the option to create a desktop shortcut if needed.

  • Wait until the Installation completes,

The RetroBat folder structure looks like this:

First startup

Double-click retrobat.exe file in your RetroBat folder or use the desktop shortcut.

After the video splash screen, the System View is shown.

The language may vary, RetroBat detects your OS language at first start-up.

The following list of languages are recognized : english, french, japanese, spanish, german, italian, dutch, portugese, russian, korean, chinese, polish, arab.

On this view, you can navigate with the keyboard or with a game controller. If your controller is not automatically configured by RetroBat:

  • Press any button and the CONFIGURE INPUT screen appears.

  • Press and hold any button to enter the CONFIGURING screen.

  • Define all the keys based on your controller layout.

We recommend to use SELECT (or Back) as hotkey.

CONGRATULATIONS: You have installed RetroBat and launched it for the first time successfully.

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