Adding a game

Building your library
Adding games is a straight-forward process.

Adding a ROM

Game ROMs need to be placed in the \roms\<system>\ folder, they will be detected and added to the Game Llibrary when starting Retrobat or when updating the Game List.
Adding a snes rom
More information about ROM format per system in the Supported Games Systems section of the wiki.
The System will be visible upon restart or upon refreshing the gamelist.
System View - Super Nintendo system appeared
The game will be visible in the Game View.
Game View

Scraping Game Information

The next step is to scrape game information, your game library will look better with media and information.
Scraping can be done globally, per system or per game.

Global Scraping

Press START (ENTER on keyboard) to display the MAIN MENU and choose SCRAPER.
Choose settings and scrape
For ScreenScraper, you need to create an account on the Screenscraper website.
Then enter your credentials (User/Password) in the SCRAPER SETTINGS menu.
More details in Scaping & Metadata section of the wiki.
The following message appears on the top right of the screen, the scraping is in progress.
Scraping in progress
Once the scraping finalized, refresh the gamelist.
Press START (ENTER on keyboard) to display the Main menu and select GAME SETTINGS.
Game information is now available in the Game View
Game information has been added to the database

Per game scraping

In order to scrape only a single game, select the game and long-press
to open the game options.
Select SCRAPE.
From the game view, highlight a game and long-press SOUTH button
A list of possible matches is displayed, select the appropriate game and confirm with
The default search string is based on the ROM filename, to change the search string use the INPUT button at the bottom.
Select the right game or press INPUT to enter the game name manually
CONGRATULATIONS : you have added your first games to Retrobat !
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