Game engine to play Flashback game.



No BIOS required.


System Features

Game files organization

REminiscence requires original Flashback game files from Delphine Software to work.

DOS, PC-CD, Amiga, Macintosh, or GOG or STEAM versions can be used.

Inside the roms\reminiscence folder, create a folder named Flashback.

Inside this folder, copy all the files that can be found in the Flashback_Data\StreamingAssets\data folder of the Flashback source game:

The game can be launched, but some voices and musics will not work. To add them, one can get the audio files from Raphaël Gesqua and copy them inside the Flashback folder:

Finally, for RetroBat to see the game and be able to launch it, create an empty text file inside the roms\reminiscence folder, and rename the file to Flashback.rem (.rem file extension).

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