Sega NAOMI 2


Arcade - Released: 2000



  • Libretro: flycast

  • flycast

  • demul

File folder

File extension

.zip .7z

System Features

RetroachievementsNetplayController autoconfig

lr-flycast: YES Flycast: YES Demul: NO


lr-flycast: YES Flycast: YES Demul: YES

Bios Information

bios fileFoldermd5


See below

For Flycast standalone, BIOS file must be placed in emulators\flycast\data folder.

Content of BIOS file
- 315-6146.bin "728bfe038ce280872057e365ebfc0fee"
- 315-6215.bin "baf83367044924067e09856ba164aa6f"
- epr-23605.ic27 "6f8ad6e3ab04c8ae1cbcaa652b91cf4e"
- epr-23605a.ic27 "f3f39513484df216d9979f6ae7577942"
- epr-23605b.ic27 "ab046e62c51d67fb89eade2b8d5f6a8d"
- epr-23605c.ic27 "096a5217ff6e6c6cafe65a03336760ab"
- epr-23605c_multi.ic27 "659d579ba9aef5b025d87323044e83f4"
- epr-23607.ic27 "cbe0984d03d73869c23da5a3dd2ce207"
- epr-23607b.ic27 "b624ec7b3b90fdf3be103cdfb1679d1d"
- epr-23607c.ic27 "a9d82db14b823a5a57885bea1a998eb7"
- epr-23608.ic27 "3b1315be24dc8d17f4fa18f3bfc5fe5c"
- epr-23608a.ic27 "0143cf852cb2a8a41f217bc688f62105"
- epr-23608b.ic27 "8b88c1f5a06e9b560e887c3b9f879237"
- epr-23608c.ic27 "b49702e4fadb3b5f9143a3d20afd04b5"
- epr-23609b.ic27 "ecadb008179ca1e6f4fe3fa091ab5df2"
- main_eeprom.bin "edeed38a9795e062a9af28c3eba22040"
- sp5001.bin "14e6bffff0d4dff6a5a547e7c43680ff"
- sp5001-a.bin "689d2228b00fb59781f82af6e8ecdb78"
- sp5001-b.bin "8373a11106c1c2fc21ac839f75ea488f"
- sp5002-a.bin "7eecfb8e8f82b47ffab92a0c5528100e"
- x76f100_eeprom.bin "960ece0dc22a7c5ff81c812a2993e7cc"


In construction : default RetroArch mapping.

Specific system information

CHD files

Some NAOMI2 boards use just ZIP ROMs to run, but most others use a CHD files in addition to the .zip file.

CHD files must be placed in your rom folder, along the zip file, in a folder named exactly as the .zip file.

└─ naomi\
   ├─ vtennis2\
   │  └─ gds-0015a.chd

Service Menu

Some games have a per-game menu for accessing the machine's advanced configuration such as its dip switches, service mode and diagnostic input.

To access the service menu for NAOMI2 games, you need first to enable the Service Mode from the RetroBat advanced menu (set it to YES):

Once done, you will be able access the per-game Service Menu by pressing L3 + R3 buttons on the controller.

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