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File extension

.iso .xex .xcp .zar .m3u

System Features

RetroachievementsNetplayController autoconfig




Bios Information

No specific BIOS requirements to play Xbox 360 games on xenia / xenia-canary emulators.


Xenia does not offer any manual configuration of controls.

From Retrobat System Options you can select the type of controller to use, select:

  • XBOX CONTROLLER for Xbox Controllers post Xbox 360 models

  • KEYBOARD for Keyboard

  • OTHER for all other type of controllers (NINTENDO, DualShocks, etc.)

Specific system information

Adding XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) games

Xbox360 XBLA games (XBox Live Arcade) are presented in the form of a succession of several folders, which end in a file that has no extension.

For example for Banjo Tooie game, the filepath is the following:

\Banjo Tooie\58410955\000D0000\ABB9CAB336175357D09F2D922735D23C62F90DDD

For Retrobat to be able to launch the game, you must create a *.m3u file to be placed at the root of the \roms\xbox360 folder.

The content of the .m3u file is the following:

\Banjo Tooie\58410955\000D0000\ABB9CAB336175357D09F2D922735D23C62F90DDD

BATGUI tool offers an automatic m3u creation tool. Refer to the BATGUI section of the wiki.

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