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Vita3K auto-detects connected controllers, there is no configuration required.

System Features

Installation & first setup

Use Retrobat Menu to download Vita3k or download the latest build of Vita3K emulator on the vita3k website :

Do not run directly a game without installing from RetroBat menu first, as you will not be able to install firmware files.

Upon first startup, the emulator will need to be setup, first step is to select the language:

Important step. The pref path is the location where games will be installed.

Set the pref-path to the path of your choice, RetroBat will not erase it upon future launch:

Download both Firmware and Font Package files on the Sony website and install them with the INSTALL FIRMWARE FILE button:

Installed status will change to V:

Click the "NEXT" button until the end of the configuration:

CONGRATULATIONS: you have succesfully initialised Vita3k emulator:

Adding games

PS Vita games first have to be installed within the emulator, a more detailed guide can be read on the Vita3K website:

Vita3K currently supports .pkg, NoNpDrm, FAGDec, or manually decrypted games.

2 cases need to be distinguished:

  1. The game is already installed in vita3k

  2. The game is in your roms\psvita folder and is not yet installed in vita3k emulator

Games are installed in the ux0\app folder inside the directory that was defined as "pref path".

Case 1 : game is already installed in vita3k

Create a .m3u file in the \roms\psvita folder of your RetroBat installation with game name:

Inside the file, copy the Title ID of the game and save:

The title ID can be retrieved by running directly the Vita3k emulator.

Case 2 : game is in your roms folder and not yet installed in the emulator

RetroBat will automatically take care of the installation when you run the game for the first time, provided that the games are in the correct format.

2 formats are accepted and will allow automatic installation:

  • game folders

  • .vpk packages

It is mandatory that your .psvita folder name or .vpk filename contains the gameID between brackets as illustrated in the examples below, else the installation will not work.

If you are using a game folder, the folder must be renamed with ".psvita" at then end, also ensure that there is a eboot.bin directly inside the folder. Here is an example of a correct structure:

If you are using a .vpk file, just be sure that the file is correctly named with the gameID between brackets:

Street fighter [PCSE00005].vpk

When running the game for the first time, Retrobat will automatically install it inside the emulator, wait until the operation finishes (this might take some time):

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