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No BIOS required.


Specific system information


Visual Pinball is a complex system, each table can require different type of files listed here:

  • .vpx table file

  • .directb2s (backglass)

  • .UltraDMD folder (dot matrix display)

  • rom files (original pinball machine ROM)

  • music files

Some tables require only the .vpx file, but most require at least the directb2s and rom file in addition.

VPX files

VPX file needs to be placed in the \roms\vpinball\ folder.

directb2s files

directb2s file needs to be placed in the \roms\vpinball\ folder, with the exact same name as the vpx file:

UltraDMD folders

UltraDMD folders need to be placed in the \roms\vpinball\ folder, do not change the name of the folder from the one you got with your table:

ROM files

Tables that are run with the VPinMAME version of the program require an additional .zip file called ROM.

These files need to be placed in the \roms\vpinball\roms folder :

To know what the rom name should be, run the PinMAME32.exe file located in the \emulators\vpinball\VPinMAME folder and check the rom file associated with your table:

Music files

Additional mp3 or ogg music files are required by some tables, they must be placed in the \emulators\vpinball\Music folder:

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