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RetroAchievements is a system that allows you to earn achievements on retro games. This is very similar to Steam successes.
In order to subscribe to the service, visit the RetroAchievements website HERE and create an account.
Retroachievements in Retrobat are only available for a predefined list of libretro cores that you can find HERE, for Bizhawk and for few standalone emulators (pcsx2, duckstation, ppsspp).

Enabling RetroAchievements

Enter the Main Menu and select Game Settings
Enable the service
Enter your Retroachievement login and password
The system indexes your game and a message appears
You can rerun the indexing process from this menu or let the system perform the indexing process at each startup

Games Retroachievements information

Games that support RetroAchievements have a small trophy icon
in the Game View
To display the list of RetroAchievements available for a game, select it and hold the
button, then choose View this game's Achievements in the game options menu

RetroAchievement user Information

To display your RetroAchievements global status, from the MAIN MENU select RETROACHIEVEMENTS
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