Sega Chihiro


Arcade - Released: 2002



  • chihiro (CXBX-Reloaded)

  • xemu

File folder

File extension

.xbe .iso

Bios Information

No BIOS required for Chihiro.


Controls must be set up directly in CXBX-Reloaded emulator in \emulators\cxbx-reloaded folder.

Specific system information


Chihiro roms come in the form of a folder containing multiple files including .xbe files.

The game folder must be placed in the \roms\chihiro folder.

Usually the .xbe file ending with t (e.g.vc3_t.xbe) is used to run the test menu.

Test menu

The Test menu contains options that can be adjusted within the game itself, such as aligning the crosshair for lightgun games and changing the difficulty.

Run the .xbe file ending with "t" to enter the test menu.

Use Cerbios firmware

Download the Cerbios firmware and rename it 'Cerbios.bin', place it in the retrobat\bios folder.

In RetroBat advanced options for xemu, select the firmware:

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