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System View and Game View

Retrobat navigation basics
All screenshots in this section are done with the default Retrobat theme ES-THEME-CARBON.

System View

The first screen displayed when launching Retrobat is the System View, from here you can navigate through systems and enter the Game View.
System View with ES-THEME-CARBON
Only the systems for which ROMs have been placed in the roms folder will appear.
Some systems are grouped, read the Grouped systems section for more information.
From the System View, different screens can be accessed.
The quick search menu is displayed by pressing
. It allows you to search for games.
The Quick Search allows you to easily find your games
The navigation bar is displayed by pressing
This menu allows quick access to a system or a collection, it is by default sorted by Manufacturer.

Quick Access

Quick access menu is displayed by pressing SELECT.
From this menu you have access to features such as USER MANUAL, SCREENSAVER, skipping songs and QUIT options.

Grouped systems

By default, some systems will not appear individually but in a group.
List of grouped systems
* AMIGA 4000
* AMIGA 1200
* AMIGA 500
* LCD Games
* Adventure Vision
* TV Games
* Mega Duck
* PV-1000
* CreatiVision
* Game.com
* Game Pocket Computer
* Super Cassette Vision
* FM-7
* APF M-1000
* BBC Micro
* Arcadia 2001
* Game Master
* Astrocade
* Tutor
* TRS-80 Color Computer
* Camputers Lynx
* Super A'Can
* Gamate
* MSX2
* MSX2+
* Ports
* Cave Story
* Easy-RPG
* PrBoom
* Quake
You can ungroup systems in Main Menu > GAME COLLECTION SETTINGS
Untick systems that you want to ungroup:
Now these systems appear individually in the System View.

Game View

The Game View is where you browse your games and launch them.
To enter Game View, select a System or a Collection in the System View by using left and right buttons, and press
The Gamelist view is where you browse the games for a specific system.
Navigate your games using the Directional PAD.
  • Press
    to run the game (long-press to display Game Options).
  • Press
    to navigate back to the System View.
The Gamelist can be displayed in multiple ways, this can be configured from the VIEW OPTIONS (press SELECT):
The value AUTOMATIC refers to the view style defined in the MAIN MENU > USER INTERFACE SETTINGS > THEME CONFIGURATION.
Each Theme might have different Gamelist View Styles, just choose the one you like most.
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