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There is no BIOS files needed to run games, however, when using .wud or .wux game files, it is necessary to have a keys.txt file in the emulator folder with the right game keys.

The Game keys can be dumped from your WiiU console, see CEMU guide for more information.


The following controllers can be autoconfigured from Retrobat to Cemu:

  • XInput controllers

  • Dualshock & DualSense controllers

  • Nintendo Switch Pro controller

RetroBat keyWiiU Key







Left Analog Stick

Left stick

Right Analog Stick

Right stick





LB (L1)


RB (R1)







Left Thumb


Right Thumb

Playing with Wiimotes

Cemu allows playing with real wiimotes when they are paired with your computer.

To play with wiimote, select the "REAL WIIMOTES" option in RetroBat advanced configuration:

Motion controls

Some Games do require motion control to play in some levels (e.g. Zelda Breath of The Wild contains dungeons which can only be beaten using motion).

There are several options to manage motion control, CEMU wiki has great documentation to cover motion control.

DualSense and Switch Pro controllers are tested options.

If you own a controller that supports motion control, you can activate motion controls in the Advanced system options or advanced game options.

Specific system information

Adding Games in Loadiine format

The best way to add WiiU games is to use the format known as "Bootloader" format. This is the format of games dumped from your console with Dumpling tool.

This consists of a game folder with 3 subfolders

There are 2 options to add these games in Retrobat

Install the game in Cemu and use m3u file

This method will simulate the installation of the game in the NAND of the WiiU.

From the Retrobat Game View, open the CEMU emulator

Navigate to the \meta folder of your dumped game directory and install the meta.xml file

Wait for the installation to finish and you will see the game added to Cemu

Right-click on the Game and select Game directory

This will show you the path of the game executable .rpx file

Exit Cemu and open you \roms\wiiu folder and create a zelda breath of the wild.m3u file with the following content

\..\..\emulators\cemu\mlc01\usr\title\<path to the game>\*.rpx

For example for Zelda Breath of the Wild:

The game will now be available in Retrobat for scraping and playing.

Place the Game folder in the roms directory

This method will simulate the presence of a WiiU cartridge.

Place the game folder in the \roms\wiiu folder

The game will now be available in Retrobat for scraping and playing.

Retrobat will detect the .rpx file in the \code folder

The Screenscraper service will recognize U-King as Zelda Breath of the Wild

Game Updates & DLC

Updates & DLC must be installed in the Cemu emulator directory using the install title, update or DLC option, they come in the same structure as the game itself

Open Cemu and choose install game title, update or DLC

Navigate to the \meta folder of your dumped DLC or Update directory and install the meta.xml file

Wait until the installation finishes

You should now see the Update or DLC information in the gamelist

Graphic packs

Cemu emulator uses Graphic Packs to enhance games graphics but also to fix bugs in some games.

Graphic Packs are not managed automatically from RetroBat and need to be enabled in the emulator, once enabled, they will be used when launching the game from RetroBat.

Proceed as follows to enable Graphic Packs.

  • Open CEMU and select "Graphic Packs":

  • Click the "Download latest community graphic packs" in the bottom left corner of the screen:

This will automatically download the graphic packs for the games you own

  • Check the list of items available and enable the ones required for the game (or the ones you want to activate)

In this example, the option ticked is mandatory to avoid a crash after the title screen in the game "New Super Mario Bros WiiU"

  • Once done: quit the emulator

The settings will automatically be saved

You can check the specific requirements on the CEMU compatibility wiki:


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