Game engine to play most games using the original Doom engine.



  • gzdoom

File folder

📂 roms \ 📂 gzdoom

File extension

.wad .iwad .pwad .pk3 .ipk3 .gzdoom

Bios Information

No BIOS required.


Controls must be configured within the emulator.

Specific system information

Using your own command line arguments

RetroBat allows for using your own command line arguments with the emulator.

To do so, create a .txt file and fill one argument per line:

Save the file with the ".gzdoom" extension and place it in the roms\gzdoom folder.

Running mods

The method above also allows you also to start modded games.

To cumulate multiple mods, just add lines to the file with the paths to the other mods to launch.

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