Future Pinball

Pinball Simulation Software



No BIOS required.


Specific system information


Future Pinball tables are distributed as .fpt files.

Some tables are fully contained in the .fpt file, these kind of tables can simply be placed in \roms\fpinball folder.

Some tables require additional files to work (fonts, music, textures...), these kind of tables need to be placed in a subfolder of their own in the \roms\fpinball folder:

└─ fpinball\
   └─ 24 (Stern) (2009) (Collectors Edition) (1.01)\
      ├─ 24 (Stern) (2009) (Collectors Edition) (1.01).fpt
      ├─ 24fonts.fpl
      └─ 24textures.fpl

Why there is an error message ?

If you receive an error message like the following one:

You need to launch Future Pinball as administrator once only. So, go to the "fpinball" folder in the "emulators" folder at the root of your Retrobat installation folder. Then right-click on the Future Pinball executable "Future Pinball.exe" and, as showed on the picture, select "Run as administrator"

Once Future Pinball has started, you can close it and start it again from Retrobat.

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