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File folder

File extension

.dosbox .pc .dos .dosz .zip .m3u8 .bat .cmd

Bios Information

No BIOS required.


DOS games offered Keyboard and mouse controls.

Use pad2key to map Gamepad with Keyboard controls.

In some games there might be some controller prompts (there was an official PC Gamepad that could be plugged in the computer serial port).

Specific system information

Zip games

DOSBox Pure can load games directly from ZIP files without the need to extract them.

Load Games

This is the first screen that appears when loading a game. It offers a gamepad controllable list of all executable files for the loaded game. By pressing right an item can be selected as the default which will skip the menu on the next launch.

If there is only a single executable, the menu will not show.

Mount ZIP as A or D drive

If you have a ZIP file you want to load as a fake floppy disk or fake CD-ROM, there are multiple options, rename the file from .ZIP to e.g., .D.ZIP (to use the D: drive).


Use a .m3u8 file, all files listed in it will be added to the disc swap hotkeys.

The first image will automatically get mounted as the A: or D: drive depending on whether it is a CD or floppy disk image.

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