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RetroachievementsNetplayController autoconfig

Dolphin: YES lr-dolphin: NO

Dolphin: NO lr-dolphin: NO

Dolphin: YES lr-dolphin: YES


The BIOS files are not mandatory to launch games but some require at least one of their region for better graphic effects and font support.

IPL.bin Europe

location: \emulators\dolphin-emu\User\GC\EUR

libretro location: \saves\dolphin\User\GC\EUR md5: 0cdda509e2da83c85bfe423dd87346cc

IPL.bin Japan

location: \emulators\dolphin-emu\User\GC\JAP

libretro location: \saves\dolphin\User\GC\JAP md5: fc924a7c879b661abc37cec4f018fdf3


location: \emulators\dolphin-emu\User\GC\USA

libretro location: \saves\dolphin\User\GC\USA md5: 019e39822a9ca3029124f74dd4d55ac4



By default, Dolphin stores saves as GCI folders in the following location:


The region subfolder can be amended with the following RetroBat setting:

It is possible to use classic memcard SRAM files instead of CGI folders by enabling the following option:

In that case, the save file will be located in the following folder:



The following controllers can be autoconfigured from RetroBat to Dolphin:

  • XInput controllers

  • Dualshock 4 and Dualsense controllers

  • Nintendo Switch Pro controller

  • Original Gamecube controller through Gamecube Adapter

RetroBat keyGameCube key





Analog Stick - Left

Analog Stick - Left

Analog Stick - Right

Analog Stick - C-Stick





RB (R1)


LT (L2)


RT (R2)


Rumble can be activated in the advanced options.

Using a Gamecube adapter

Dolphin can be set to use a genuine GameCube controller, to do so, it is necessary to install "Zadig" drivers for the adapter used to connect the GameCube pad:

1. Download Zadig here:

2. Run Zadig. Go to Options, select List All Devices.

3. Find the relevant device in the device list (e.g. GC adapter - WUP-028, Bluetooth adapter - CSR-XXXX).

4. Select the correct driver to replace. libusbK is recommended.

5. Use the down and up arrows in the right-hand section to select a driver.

6. Click Replace Driver. This can take a bit, at most 5 minutes. Be patient!

7. Configure RetroBat to use the Adapter:

If the adapter does not work, it might mean that Dolphin does not currently support the model.

RetroBat is also able to automatically detect the Raphnet and Mayflash adapters.

They should ideally be configured with the procedure described above.

However, they can be configured by RetroBat without updating the Zadig drivers, in such case, the feature "USE GAMECUBE ADAPTER" should not be switched ON.

Creating a game-specific control profile

It is possible to create a custom controller profile in Dolphin and assign it to a specific game, follow this guide if required.

Specific system information

Multi-disc games

To automatically load the next disc of a game, you can use a .m3u playlist file.

In the m3u file, list all game discs from your game:

Within that text file, write the names of the game files for your game discs:

Finally save the file as a .m3u file.

Custom Textures

It is possible to launch Custom Texture packs with the Dolphin Emulator.

The texture pack needs to be placed in the \saves\dolphin\User\Load\Textures folder.

The name of the custom texture folder must be strictly identical to the Game ID that can be found in the game properties inside Dolphin.

Once the custom texture pack is correctly named and placed, activate the CUSTOM TEXTURES setting.

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