PlayStation 2


Game Console - Lifespan: 2000 - 2013


System Features


Other possible non-mandatory BIOS files


The following controllers can be autoconfigured from Retrobat to PCSX2:

  • XInput controllers

  • Dualshock & DualSense controllers

  • Nintendo Switch Pro controller

Specific System Features

Custom textures

PCSX2 allows to load custom texture packs.

To do so you need to place the custom texture pack in the \bios\pcsx2\textures folder in a dedicated directory that has the same code as the game.

The texture files must be placed in a sub-directory called "replacements":

To get the code of the game, you can launch the game a first time directly from the emulator executable located in the \emulators\pcsx2 folder with the "dump textures" option on, PCSX2 will automatically create the game texture folder in the \bios\pcsx2\textures folder.

Once the texure pack in the right folder, set Retrobat to load custom textures, this is achieved from the VISUAL RENDERING menu in the Advanced System Options or in the Advanced Game Options menu :

Multi-disc games

PCSX2 does not support m3u usage for multi-disc games.

In order to swap disc in PCSX2, the following must be used within the emulator:

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