ZX Spectrum

Sinclair Research

Computer - Lifespan: 1982 - 1992



  • libretro: fuse

  • libretro: fbneo

  • zesarux

  • bizhawk

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File extensions

.tzx .tap .z80 .rzx .scl .trd .zip .7z

System Features

RetroachievementsNetplayController autoconfig

lr-fuse: NO lr-fbneo: YES ZesarUX: NO BizHawk: YES

lr-fuse: NO lr-fbneo: YES ZesarUX: NO BizHawk: NO

lr-fuse: YES lr-fbneo: YES ZesarUX: YES BizHawk: YES


No BIOS required for ZX Spectrum.


Buttons A, X and Y are mapped to the joystick's fire button, button B is mapped to the UP directional button.

Buttons L1 and R1 are mapped to RETURN and SPACE, respectively.

The SELECT button brings up the embedded, on-screen keyboard which is useful if you only have controllers attached to your computer.

  • For joystick games: in the RetroBat advanced system settings or game settings, select the option "JOYSTICK ONLY" and set user 1 to a joystick type. Optionally, set user 2 to another joystick type (local cooperative games).

  • For keyboard games: select the option "Keyboard Only". You won't have any joystick and the embedded keyboard won't work, but the entire physical keyboard will be available for you to type in those text adventure commands.

Specific system information

There is no specific System information documented here yet.

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