Duke Nukem 3D


Game engine to play Duke Nukem 3D game.



  • eduke32

File folder

File extension

.dat .grp .ssi

Bios Information

No BIOS required.


There is no automatic configuration for eduke32, controls can be configured within the emulator.

Specific system information

File organization

The following games are officially supported, and should be placed in the designated directory with their required files:

  • duke: Duke Nukem 3D (DUKE3D.GRP)

  • duke: Duke Nukem 3D: Duke It Out in D.C. (DUKEDC.GRP or DUKEDCPP.SSI)

  • duke: Duke Nukem 3D: Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach (VACATION.GRP or VACA15.SSI)

  • duke: Duke Nukem 3D: Duke: Nuclear Winter (NWINTER.GRP)

  • nam: NAM (NAM.GRP, NAM.CON)

  • ww2gi: World War II GI (WW2GI.GRP)

  • ww2gi: World War II GI: Platoon Leader (PLATOONL.DAT, PLATOONL.DEF)

Example of game structure:

The following example contains the base game (DUKE3D.GRP), the Duke It Out in DC game (DUKEDCPP.SSI), the Nuclear Winter game (NWINTER.GRP) and the Duke Caribbean game (VACA15.SSI).

HD packs

In order to use eduke32 addons like HD texture pack or sound pack, place the addon files within the \roms\eduke32\autoload folder and activate the autoload feature in RetroBat:


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