Updates & Content Download


Retrobat has an automatic updater system included.
When a new version is available, a message like the one below appears on the top of the screen:
To perform the update, open the main menu and select UPDATES & DOWNLOADS
The update progress will be shown in the top right corner
Once the update is finished, reboot the system to apply
When starting again Retrobat, it will finalize the update
It is possible to check the current version from the main menu > system settings > information


The integrated Content Downloader can be used to install a wide variety of freely distributed games, themes, and additional Medias.
The Downloads menu is available from the MAIN MENU, navigate to UPDATES & DOWNLOADS

Download content

Use LEFT and RIGHT to change categories and UP and DOWN to navigate the list and choose the content to install, press
to install
A message appears and the content is downloaded in the right folder

Download Themes

Select THEMES to access the THEME DOWNLOADER
Navigate to the theme you want to install and press
to install
A progress bar appears in the top right corner
When the download is finished, you can switch to the new Theme from the USER INTERFACE SETTINGS in the MAIN MENU
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